IROKO (Milicia Excelsa) & AFRORMOSIA (Pericopsis Elata)

PETERSEN'S outdoor furniture is manufactured in Iroko (Milicia Excelsa), or Afrormosia (Pericopsis Elata), both timbers are native to West Africa, and commonly referred to “African Teak”. The timber has been sourced by our Timber Merchants from sustainably managed forests. Both timbers are very durable and do not require regular treatment with oil or varnish when used outdoors, exposed to the elements. 

Iroko timber is dense, durable and resistant to decay. When freshly machined it appears to be a light yellow-brown to dark honey brown in colour with a straight grain, colour variation should be expected, initially. Kiln-dried and cured for its intended purpose, makes it a perfect choice for outdoor joinery and for use in the boat building industry.


All our furniture has been manufactured using traditional methods of joinery; dowels, mortise and tenons, tongue and groove, half-lap, and finger joints. We use waterproof glues with a high bonding temperature and a high level of elasticity.