Founded in 1996, PETERSEN’S is a leading design-manufacturer of contemporary freestanding indoor and outdoor lifestyle furniture; based in Cape Town, South Africa; servicing the private residential, hospitality and corporate sectors. PETERSEN’S furniture ranges are contemporary rather than modern, epitomizing style, simplicity and craftsmanship. Products are created to stand out against a disposable culture. The result is classic furniture that is forward looking with an enduring aesthetic and function. By combining traditional craftsmanship with technologically advanced methods of construction and continually seeking new ways of effectively using materials - form, function and versatility are seamlessly combined.
This summer, PETERSEN’S takes the inside, out, with the introduction of the new CURVED cross-over collection. With the beauty of South Africa as inspiration, the new collection is designed to create a natural flow between indoor and outdoor living, effortlessly expanding your living spaces. The PETERSEN’S hallmark aesthetically pure lines are retained in the new collection emphasizing the intrinsic beauty of the timber, integrating innovation, beauty, relevance and timelessness in each signature piece.