PETERSEN'S outdoor furniture is fine-sanded and treated with a clear outdoor oil; completely natural and environmental friendly; prior to leaving the factory. The oil seals and protects the timber against minor stains and slows down the drying-out process when exposed to the elements. It is the the owner’s prerogative/ responsibility whether they would like to maintain the beauty and colour of the timber or whether they would like it to weather to a silver-grey tone. 

Should you wish to maintain the natural beauty and colour of the timber, a regular maintenance routine should be followed using our preferred oil. The frequency of maintenance required will depend on how exposed the outdoor furniture is to the elements.

The maintenance routine can be done as follows:

  • remove all atmospheric pollution by hosing the furniture down and using a hand brush to remove same.
  • Leave to dry thoroughly.
  • Hand-sand and/or machine sand using an 100 grit, then step-up to a 180 grit sandpaper.
  • Fine-sand using a 220 grit sandpaper.
  • Remove the excess dust and wipe off with a dry cloth.
  • Rag-on a coat of the recommend oil (according to the instructions on the tin) with a mutton cloth.
  • After 5 min, wipe-off any excess oil.

Should you decide not to maintain the timber furniture it will gradually change and lighten in colour depending on the exposure to the elements, and it will fade to a silver-grey patina. During this aging process, slight surface cracking could be expected as the timber is ‘drying out’. This is a natural occurrence and should not be considered as a structural defect. The furniture will still continue to serve its function for years to come. However, the outdoor furniture can be restored to showcase its natural beauty and colour at anytime. Do not varnish the outdoor furniture.


Craftsmanship and Material: PETERSEN'S offers a 2 year guarantee against structural and patent defects, unless the damage is caused due to misuse, negligence or any other act of nature. Timber is a natural product and slight surface cracking and movement is expected. This is due to the change in seasons, as the timber absorbs moisture or releases humidity into/ from the atmosphere. This natural occurrence does not affect the structural integrity or durability of the outdoor furniture.