Outdoor Range 


PETERSEN'S manufactures using A316 and A304 Stainless Steel which is the international industry standard for outdoor products.

A316 is the highest grade of stainless steel, making it extremely strong and corrosion resistant. Before the furniture leaves our factory the surface of the stainless steel component is polished with Scotchbrite. This provides a smooth, resistant surface that is easy to clean and maintain.The electropolish finish has proven to prolong the rust-free life of stainless steel when used in any environment, and as such, it is especially appropriate for use in coastal areas (especially areas known for high-wind, heavy salt air exposure and extreme conditions).

To keep your stainless steel furniture looking its best we recommend a regular clean (about once a month) with soapy water or specialist stainless steel cleaning products available from most hardware stores, which cleans and restores the new look of stainless steel furniture and makes the surface repellent to both dirt and water. Corrosive products, solvents, aggressive abrasives or metal brushes should never be used. Cleaning solutions containing chloride should also be avoided as they can cause surface rust and pitting. If any brown spots appear on the stainless steel they can be easily cleaned by gently rubbing the surface of the steel, in the direction of the brushed finish, with a Scotchbrite pad. 

Aluminium alloy use in the African Patio collection is the highest grade of aluminium LM6.